September 6-9, 2016
Renaissance Seattle Hotel
Seattle, WA, USA

SOCC 2015 - Beijing, China

Keynote: Jason Cong Chancellor's Professor, UCLA Computer Science Department,
and Director, Center for Domain-Specific Computing
University of California, Los Angeles
"High-Level Synthesis and Beyond – from Datacenters to IoTs"
Keynote: Chris Rowen Fellow and CTO, Design Group
Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
"Five Forces Shaping the Silicon World: Advanced sensing and intelligence in IoT and vision"
Plenary: Rui Hou Vice President Processor Design
Suzhou PowerCore, and
Associate ProfessorInstitute of Computing Technology
Chinese Academy of Sciences
"Venice: A Cost-effective Architecture for Datacenter Servers"
Plenary: Gavin Stark
Chief Scientist
"Unicorns and Centaurs: Architecting SOCs for Software Defined Networking"
Banquet: Yervant Zorian
Chief Architect and Fellow
"Ensuring Robustness in Today's SOCs" 

SOCC 2014 - Las Vegas, Nevada

Keynote: Tom Beckley
Senior Vice President of R&D
Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
"The Internet of Every-Thing: EDA Perspectives"
Keynote: J. Thomas Pawlowski
Fellow and Chief Technologist
Micron Technology, Inc.
"The Future of Memory/Logic Technologies and Computing System Architectures"
Plenary: Scott Runner VP of advanced methodologies and low-power design
"SoCs for Mobile Applications: Systems from 0 MPH to over 100 MPH"
Plenary: Jeffrey D. Brown
Distinguished Engineer, Emerging Product Development and Hardware Architect, SoC
"The Next Generation of Scale-Out Server Architecture : Building the OpenPOWERTM Eco-System"
Banquet: Paul Eremenko Director, Project Ara
"Democratizing the mobile hardware ecosystem: Google's Project Ara"

SOCC 2013 - Erlangen, Germany

Keynote: Ronald M. Martino Vice President, Product Development and Hardware R&D
Freescale Automotive MCU Product Group
"The Roadway to Innovation"
Plenary: Carsten Elgert Product Marketing Director IP-Group
Cadence Design Systems Inc.
“The pig in the poke?  – Strategies to avoid unpleasant surprises with IP on your SoC”
Plenary: Volker Politz Vice President of Business Development
Imagination, Inc., USA
“Visions of future SoC Design: Why Heterogeneous Architectures and Power Matter”
Plenary: Bill Huffman Chief Architect
Tensilica, Inc.
“Processor-to-Memory Interface Design Methodologies for Energy and Performance Efficiencies”
Plenary: Jonathan Young Director Design Consulting
Synospys Inc.
“Power-Centric Timing Optimization for Low Power CPU Hardening”
Banquet: Juergen Herre Chief Scientist, Audio/Multimedia Activities, Fraunhofer IIS,
Professor at University Erlangen-Nuernberg and International Audio Labs Erlangen
"The MP3 story and more: Perceptual Audio Coding from its Beginnings to the Present"

SOCC 2012 - Niagara Falls, USA

Keynote: Bernard S. Meyerson IBM Fellow
Vice President, Innovation & Global University Relations
IBM Systems and Technology Group
  “Driving Innovation in the "Post-Silicon" World”
Plenary: Richard Grisenthwaite ARM Fellow, VP of Technology,
“ Low power solutions for a smarter future”
Plenary: Raj Yavatkar Intel Fellow, Director, System-on-Chip Architecture
Intel Architecture Group
“Era of SoCs: What is next?”
Plenary: Robert E. Geer Vice President for Academic Affairs and Chief Academic Officer
Professor of NanoScience
College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE),
University at Albany, SUNY
“Connectivity Driven Systems: On-Chip, Off-chip and In-between”

SOCC 2011 - Taipei, Taiwan

Keynote: Yale N. Patt Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and
Ernest Cockrell, Jr. Centennial Chair in Engineering,
The University of Texas at Austin
“The Future Microprocessor: Return of the ASIC”
Plenary: Giovanni De Micheli Professor and Director,
Institute of Electrical Engineering, Integrated Systems Centre,
EPF Lausanne, Switzerland
“Nanosystems: technologies and architectures for sensing and computing”
Plenary: Chih-Kung Lee President, Institute for Information Industry, Taipei, Taiwan,
Lifetime Distinguished Professor, Institute of Applied Mechanics, and
Lifetime Distinguished Professor, Department of Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering,
National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
“From Global Telecare Development Trends to Taiwan's Biomedical Electronic System: Opportunity and Outlook”
Plenary: Gideon Intrater VP of Product Marketing and Applications,
MIPS Technologies
“Boosting performance efficiency in multiprocessor systems through multi-threading”
Luncheon: Laung-Terng (L.-T.) Wang President & CEO
SynTest Technologies, Inc.
“Introduction to SoC Testing”

SOCC 2010 -  Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Keynote: Alberto
Professor, University of California at Berkeley, and Chief Technology Advisor,
Cadence Design Systems
“SoC Design as an Example of Component-Based Design of Distributed Systems”
Plenary: Michael Keating Fellow,
Synopsys Inc.
”Third Revolution: The Search for Scalable Code-Based Design”
Plenary: Sandra Woodward Senior Technical Staff Member, PowerEN Processor Chip Technical Lead,
IBM Corp.
”The IBM Power Edge of Network™ Processor: 
A wire-speed System-on-a-Chip (SOC): Technical Overview and Challenges for a Large Complex SOC used in Next-Generation Systems”
Plenary: Jo Dale Carothers Partner,
Covington & Burling LLP
“What You Need to Know About Patent Litigation”
Luncheon: P.R.Mukund President and CEO,
NanoArk Corp.
“From Film to Silicon: The Migration of Document Archiving Technology”

SOCC 2009 -  Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK

Keynote: Hermann Eul Member of the Management Board, Executive VP Sales, Marketing, Technology and R&D,
“The future of mobile broadband internet – powered by the semiconductor industry”
Plenary: James O’Riordan Chief Technology Officer & VP Corporate Development,
Silicon & Software Systems Ltd.
“What are the Real Innovations that Fabless Companies should be looking at?”
Plenary: Liang-Gee Chen Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, 
National Taiwan University
“Toward neocortical computing with tera-scale SOC”

SOCC 2008 -  Newport Beach, CA

Keynote: Nick Ilyadis VP and CTO of Enterprise Networking Group,
“SOC Challenges in the Terabit Networks Era”
Plenary: Alexander D. Peleg Vice President, Mobility Group
Director, Intel Architecture Strategic and Platform Planning
Intel Corporation
“Future Trends in PC Computing and their Implications to SoC” 
Plenary: Kamran Eshraghian  President, Eshraghian Laboratories Pty Ltd., and 
Ferrero Family Chair in Electrical Engineering, 
University of California, Merced.
“Surfing the iSoC Multitechnology Platform: Volumetric Growth beyond Moore's Law” 
Luncheon: David F. Doody Flight Operations Lead, Cassini Mission Support & Services,
NASA Jet Propulsion Lab
“Cassini-Huygens at Saturn”
“Hot Topic”
Iain Richardson Director, Centre for Video Communications,
The Robert Gordon University, UK
“Dynamic Configuration: Beyond Video Coding Standards”

SOCC 2007 -  Hsinchu, Taiwan - 20th Anniversary

Keynote: Jackson Hu Chairman and CEO,
United Microelectronics Corporation
”Will Moore’s Law continue ?”
Plenary: Dave Holt President and CEO,
Lightspeed Logic, Inc.
”Beyond Standard Cells”
Plenary: Heinrich Meyr Director, Institute for Integrated Signal Processing Systems,
Aachen University of Technology
”A future of heterogeneous many processor SoCs: Nightmare or a necessary paradigm change?”
Luncheon: Sheng-Chun (Paul) Lo Sr. VP and GM, Analog/Mixed-Signal Group,

SOCC 2006 -  Austin, TX

Keynote: Gene Frantz Principal Fellow,
Texas Instruments
“How the Shrinking System is creating an Expanding Market” 
Plenary: Jan Rabaey Donald O. Pederson Distinguished Professor, 
University of California at Berkeley
“Curing the ailments of nanometer CMOS through self-healing and resiliency”
Plenary: Jim Kahle IBM Fellow and Director of Technology, STI Design Center for Cell Technology,
IBM Corporation
Luncheon: Dean Cubley Director and Chairman, ERF Wireless
Director, Eagle Broadband Inc. 
“The Wild West Days of NASA”

SOCC 2005 -  Washington, DC

Keynote: Hans Stork Senior VP & CTO,
Texas Instruments, Inc.
“Advanced CMOS Technology for Digital Communication Systems“
Plenary: Ivo Bolsens Vice President and CTO,
“FPGA, The Heart of Embedded Systems” 
Plenary: Jacques Benkoski Entrepreneur in Residence,
US Venture Partners
“The Evolving Silicon Infrastructure: Issues and Opportunities”
Luncheon: Rajesh Galivanche Principal Engineer,
“Test Challenges for Nanometer Designs”

SOCC 2004 - Santa Clara, CA

Keynote: Paul E. Jacobs

Executive VP and President,
QUALCOMM Wireless & Internet Group
“Beyond Voice: The third Generatin  of Wireless”

Plenary: Kiyoo Itoh Fellow,
Hitachi Ltd.
“Review and Prospects of Low-Voltage RAM Circuits”
Plenary: James D. Meindl Director, Microelectronics Research Center,
Georgia Institute of Technology
“The Interconnect Era of ASIC/SOC Technology”
Banquet: Michael Riordan Adjunct Professor,
University of California, Santa Cruz
“The Roots of Silicon Valley”
Luncheon: Jürgen Koehl Distinguished Engineer,
IBM Systems and Technology Group
“IBM ASIC Design TAT Reducton”

SOC 2003 - Portland, OR

Keynote: Hyung Kyu Lim President, System LSI Business,
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
“Expanding Mobile Space: Challenges and Opportunities”
Plenary: Mi-Chang Chang Director of Design Service Division,
Plenary: Dennis Buss Vice President, Silicon Technology Development,
Texas Instruments
“CMOS SoC Technology For Personal Internet Products”
Banquet: Gene Frantz Principal Fellow,
Texas Instruments
“A History of Speak-and-Spell and How DSP Evolved”

ASIC/SOC 2002 - Rochester, NY

Keynote: Hirokazu Hashimoto Senior Vice President, NEC Electron Devices, NEC Corporation
NEC Electronics Inc.
Plenary: Tom Bednar Senior Technical Staff Member,
IBM Microelectronics
Banquet: Kumar Krishen Fellow,
Society for Design And Process Science (SDPS)
“New Technologies that can Support Human Exploration of Space”

ASIC/SOC 2001 - “SoC in a Networked World” - Arlington, VA

(This conference was cancelled because of Sept. 11 attacks)

Keynote: Hirokazu Hashimoto President and CEO,
NEC Electronics Inc.
Plenary: Behzad Razavi University of California, Los Angeles,
and Transpectrum Technologies
“Challenges in IC Design for Optical Communication Systems”
Plenary: Peter Robinson API NetWorks
“HyperTransport Technology for Networking”
Banquet: John Tanner President & CEO,
Tanner Research Inc.
“Low Volume Manufacture of Chips, Boards, and Enclosures”

ASIC/SOC 2000 - “System-on-Chip in the Internet Age” - Arlington, VA

Keynote: John E. Kelly, III Senior Vice President & Group Executive, Technology Group,
IBM Corp.
"Communications System-on-a-chip - Opportunity and Challenges"
Plenary: Wolfgang Roethig NEC Electronics
"Design for Signal Integrity on SoC"
Luncheon: James Urquhart Chief Operating Officer and Director,
ARM Holdings plc.

ASIC/SOC 1999 - “The Road to System-on-Chip (SOC)” - Arlington, VA

Keynote: Wilfred J. Corrigan Chairman and CEO,
LSI Logic Corporation
"System-on-a-chip in the Internet Economy"
Plenary: James D. Meindl Director, Microelectronics Research Center,
Georgia Institute of Technology
"Opportunities and Persistent Limits on a GSI System-on-a-Chip"
Plenary: Yervant Zorian Chief Technology Advisor,
LogicVision, Inc.
"System-on-Chip Test Strategies"
Plenary: Kensall D. Wise Director, Center for Integrated Microsystems,
University of Michigan
“INTEGRATED MICROSYSTEMS:  Merging MEMS, Micropower Electronics, and Wireless Communications”
Banquet: Leon Chua Director of Nonlinear Electronics Laboratory,
University of California, Berkeley
"Nanostructures and Cellular Neural Networks"
Luncheon: Juri Matisoo
Ram Krishnamurthy
Vice President of Technology, Silicon Industry Association
Intel Corp.
"SIA’s International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors"

ASIC 1998 - “ULSI - Making it Real” - Rochester, NY

Keynote: Raul Camposano Chief Technical Officer, Senior Vice President & General Manager Design Tools,
Sysopsys Inc.
"Design Technology for System on a Chip"
Banquet: James F. Bell III Cornell University Dept. of Astronomy
"NASA Mars Rovers and Orbiters: Imaging the Geologic History of the Red Planet"
Luncheon: Vic Kulkarni Head of Library Business Unit,
Avant! Corporation
"Silicon Intellectual Property: The Passport to System-on-a-Chip"

ASIC 1997 - “Portable Solutions” - Portland, OR

Keynote: Eli Harari President & CEO,
SanDisk Corporation
"Flash Memory-the Universal Digital Storage Medium for the Coming Age of Consumer Electronics"
Banquet: John Tanner President & CEO,
Tanner Research Inc.
"The Future of EDA: An Alternative View"
Luncheon: Levy Gerzberg President & CEO,
Zoran Corp.
"Entrepreneurship in the U.S."

ASIC 1996 - “VLSI Systems Solutions” - Rochester, NY

Keynote: Walter Davis Senior Vice President and Director of Strategic Semiconductor Operations for the Messaging Systems Products Group,
Motorola, Inc
"The Role of VLSI in Wireless Communication"
Banquet: Irwin Federman Senior Partner,
US Venture Partners
“Venture Capital Perspectives on the Information Technology Revolution”
Luncheon: Charles (Bob) Hewes Texas Instruments
“The Convergence of DSP and ASIC”

ASIC 1995 - “Implementing the Information Superhighway with Emerging Technologies” - Austin, TX

Keynote: Peng H. Ang Vice President and General Manager Consumer Products Division,
LSI Logic Corporation
“ASIC Technology: The Driving force behind the Information Superhighway”
Banquet: Brad Cox George Mason University
"Taming the Electronic Frontier"
Luncheon: David M. Williams Director of Home Media Lab,
“The Soul of a New Medium - Musings on the Information Superhighway”

ASIC 1994 - Rochester, NY

Keynote: Ron Smith General Manager PCI Components Division,
Intel Corporation
“Performance Issues for PCs in the Consumer Market”
Banquet: Robert A. Pease National Semiconductor
"What's All This Feedback Stuff?"
Luncheon: Arpad G. Toth Imaging Research Laboratories,
Eastman Kodak
“Image Enabled Multimedia Communications”

ASIC 1993 - Rochester, NY

Keynote: Aart J. de Geus President,
Synopsys, Inc.
“One Million Gate ASIC? Not with Present EDA Tools and Methodology!”
Banquet: V. Michael Bove, Jr. MIT Media Laboratory
"Hardware and Software Implications of Representing Scenes as Data"
Luncheon: Richard S. Wolff Director, Personal Communications Applications Research,
“Personal Communications Applications: New Opportunities and Challenges for ASIC Designers”

ASIC 1992 - Rochester, NY

Keynote: Hal Alles Chief Architect,
Mentor Graphics Corp.
“ICs and ASICs at Thirty-Something”
Keynote: S. Samuel Liu President,
Silicon Integrated Systems Corp., Taiwan R.O.C.
”ASICs in the 90's -- an Asia Pacific Perspective”
Banquet: Bruce R. Bourbon President and CEO,
Vertex Semiconductor Corp, a Toshiba Subsidiary
"The Design Gap"
Luncheon: Michael J. Barry CD Imaging Development,
Eastman Kodak Company
“The Photo CD Imaging System”

ASIC 1991 - Rochester, NY

Keynote: Frederick T. Tucker Senior Vice President, General Manager Automotive and Industrial Group,
Motorola Inc.
“ASICs in the Automotive Industry”
Keynote: Tommy Ng General Manager of ICCAD Advanced Design Automation,
Mentor Graphics Corp.
”Design Methodology in High Complexity ASIC Design”
Keynote: Douglas B. Boyle  Director, Hardware Engineering,
Sun Microsystems Engineering
“CAD Requirements for High-Volume, High Performance, Low Cost Designs”
Banquet: David G. Richardson Vice President, Integrated Components,
Northern Telecom Electronics, Ontario, Canada
"ASICs and High Performance Telecommunication Systems"
Luncheon: Bruce McWilliams Senior Vice President, Chief Technical Officer,
nCHIP, Inc.
“Multichip Modules Today and Tomorrow”

ASIC 1990 - Rochester, NY

Keynote: Rajinder Khosla

Director, Microelectronics Technology Division Research Labs,
Eastman Kodak
“System Integration using ASICs in the 90's”

Keynote: Robert Walker Vice President, Technical Marketing,
LSI Logic Corp.
“ASIC Tests in the Nineties”
Keynote: James A. Rowson  Fellow,
VLSI Technology Inc.
“1990's ASIC CAD: Getting the System Right”
Keynote: Robert B. Johnson Vice President, ASIC Division,
National Semiconductor Corp.
"Single Vendor Solution"
Banquet: Charles P. Holt Vice President, Systems Reprographic Development Unit,
Xerox Corp.
"The Document Processing Explosion of the 90s"
Luncheon: Walter Kleinfelder Senior Research Manager,
IBM Watson Research Center
“Research Parallel Processor Prototype”

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